Activate by Unlock Key

Sample License Form

Licensing by secure encrypted license keys provides an easy way to activate application or control from evaluation to full functional version. .NET Licensing Pro uses a public key encryption to generate and verify encrypted license keys. This schema is more suitable for licensing .NET applications, but you can use it to license .NET controls as well.

Usually programmers prefer following behavior for the copy-protected application that uses “Unlock Key” licensing schema:

  1. Application is in the evaluation mode right after downloading. It could be time limited evaluation, or usage limited evaluation or both.
  2. If evaluation is a time limited, then application becomes unusable when evaluation time expires.
  3. When customer buys software it gets Unlock Key.
  4. When Unlock Key is entered the application becomes fully functional.

Let see how it works in .NET Licensing Pro.

The evaluation status of the application is defined by including “Is Evaluation” field to the license type.

The time\usage limit is defined by including one of the following “Expiration Dates”, “Expiration Date” or “Expiration Runs” fields to the license type.

The “Unlock Key” field should be included to the license type to force protection library check Unlock Key.

The “Write Key to File” should be included to force protection library write entered “Unlock Key” to the license storage.

If “Is Evaluation” field is included to the License type, the license will be valid (evaluation license is valid license) but have evaluation status. Evaluation status of the license can be checked using corresponding property of license object. This status can be used to limit functionality of the application in evaluation mode.

If one of the time\running limit fields has been included to the license type, then application will work till expiration come. Depends on the settings license object can throw exception or set expired status on license. You can check expiration status of license using corrsponding property of the license object.

If Unlock Key has been entered and it is valid, then evaluation and expiration statuses will be removed and license become valid. If wrong unlock key has been entered license become invalid.

So, license that uses “Unlock Key” schema can be:

  1. Valid, evaluation, not expired.
  2. Valid, evaluation, expired.
  3. Invalid (wrong unlock key has been entered).
  4. Valid (valid unlock key entered).

Unlock Key Bundle

Using License Manager you can create single Unlock Key withing purchase or create a bundle of Unlock Keys (to send them to separate distributor, for example).

You can use Unlock Key licensing schema as it is or in conjunction with “Activation Key” method so that licenses can be used only on one machine at a time.

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