Activation Web Service

The .NET Licensing Pro includes (optionally) Activation Web Service that allows activate licenses so that they can be used with only one PC. Product activation is a technology used by a number of licensing schemes available today. .NET Licensing Pro allows you using product activation to fasten a license to a single computer so that the same license canít be used on another PC. The Activation Web Service uses licensing schema that is similar to the Windows XP licensing. When you install Windows XP you enter the License Key that is printed on the sticker. When process is finished you follow the process of Windows activation. During this process you obtain Activation Key from the Microsoft Activation Service. After that this particular copy of the Windows can work on one PC only. Licensing scenario with Activation Web Service can be used when youíd like to bind licensed software to particular PC. This scenario limits using of your software with one particular PC per one Unlock Key/License File bought from you.

  1. You adopt your software to use Activation Web Service. We can provide you with sample application that demonstrates how to do it. It has not been included to the setup. We are planning put it to our web site when corresponding How To page will be ready.
  2. User buys a license from you and uses it to unlock application. With Activation Key scenario application will not become full functional at this time.
  3. Application sends request to the Activation Web Service. It validates licensing information, generates Activation Key and automatically sends it to the user by e-Mail.
  4. User enters Activation Key and gets full functional application that can be run with only one particular PC.

In this scenario your user can use your software on one and only one PC per one Unlock Key. Another valuable feature of the Activation Web Service is ability to validate Activation Key through the Internet. Itís up to you to configure your application to use this feature. Your application can connect with Activation Web Service to check if the licensing information (license file or Unlock Key) and Activation Key are valid and stop execution if they arenít. So if you remove Activation Key or information about purchase from the database your application will not work (in case of money back, for example).

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